The Latest Decisions Regarding the Holding of the Film Festival for Children and Young Adults

The policy-making council took place in order to discuss and brainstorm about the selected approaches in regard to the 30th International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults.
Alireza Rezada, the director of the festival, mentioned: “The main subject matter of this meeting, which took place with the presence of the council members at the office of Dr. Ayoubi, was to discuss about the positive and negative points of the previous editions and the expectations of the 30th edition of this cinematic event. Also, the IOC representatives at the council were chosen, whose orders will be issued by the head of the organization respectively.”
He also noted: “This high council of policy-making, based on the agreement signed among the Iran Organization of Cinema, Farabi and The City Hall of Isfahan, is responsible for the confirmation and execution of the schedules and programs.”
The director of the IFFCYA continued: “After the announcement and introduction of the representatives of Isfahan City Hall and its City Council, we hope to have the first session of high council next week, directed by the Mayor of Isfahan.”
He added: “I have already prepared the subject matters for that meeting which include the general planning, rules and regulations and the suggested date for having the festival.”
The ended his statements: “As you may know, we missed the usual date for this film festival, which has always been in October. Also, due to affinity of this date with Muharram and Safar ceremonies for the next five years, we won’t be able to hold the festival at that time. Therefore, we need to set a proper date for this festival for the next five years, and then in accordance to this date, we can set the rules and regulation of the festival. I do hope that in our first session we can come to a conclusion about these issues, so that I can announce them.”
ID: 60  |  Published in: Tuesday, 25 October 2016 09:39