Rezadad: “We will compensate the gaps and shortcomings.”

Explaining about the last High Council session of the Children Film Festival, Alireza Rezadad said that the competition section of the Children Film Festival takes place next year, but the works for the Young Adult section will be reviewed during the Fajr Film Festival this year in Isfahan, so that we can compensate all the gaps and shortcomings.
The director of Children Film Festival explained for ISNA: “On November 1, we had our first session regarding the Children Film Festival in Isfahan, managed by Dr. Jamalinejad, the city mayor, and all the members of this council. We came to an agreement in some points.”
Regarding these subjects, he explained: “Since we missed our chance to hold the festival in October, and also because in the agreement it is pointed that the 30th Children Film Festival is to be competitive and the Young Adults section is non-competitive and includes merely reviewing the works, it was agreed upon that the non-competition section takes place concurrent with Fajr Decade and the screening of a selection of Fajr Film Festival titles in Isfahan. Meanwhile, we will arrange a few suitable events in order to compensate for all the gaps and shortcomings of not holdingthe festival in October.”
He noted some other agreed points and added: “The second subject was to fix the date for the festival for the next 5 years. Since for the next 5 years, due to the concurrency of Muharram and Safar with this festival, it is impossible to hold in October. The fixed dated from the 30th to the 34th edition of this festival is set in June, so that it can be an opportunity for the summer screenings of the films for children.”

The Children Film Festival takes place in June-July, concurrent with the Fetr Celebration.
He added: “Of course, in 2017, since the festival is at the same time with the end of Ramadan, it will take place in the June-July.”
The director of Children Film Festival said: “At the End of these 5 years, we will assess this date for holding this festival. If this time is favorable for the summer screenings of the films for children and adolescents, it will be set as the fixed date of this event.”

The Next Session of the Council on November 30
Stating that the next session of this council will take place on November 30, Rezadad added: “In that session, we will talk about the plans of the 30th edition and prepare the first draft of the festival’s rules and regulations in order to be approved by the council.”
Also, it is arranged that, till the next session of the council, the two organizations of Iran Organization of Cinema and Isfahan City Hall exchange the agreement, necessary for conducting this event, with all the details and its previsions and expectations.
Rezadad noted: “The responsibility for arranging this regular meetings is appointed to Dr. Ghasemzadeh, a member of the council and the head of the cultural organization of the city hall. He should organize a meeting for the members, at least, once a month. It is assigned that the director of the festival is the spokesman of the council, and all the news and information will be delivered to the media through the director and the secretariat department.”
In response to the question regarding the date of the festival, Rezadad said: “We had a few options. One of them was from November to March. This option was rejected because it was concurrent with the winter, which was not a suitable time for attendance of the children and their field activities.”
He continued: “The other option was in April and May. This option was rejected also, because that time is so close to the final exams season. Also, in that particular time we have Fajr International Film Festival. Another reason is that Ramadan month keeps coming forward in calendar; therefore, we had to change the date ever year for the next five years. Therefore, after much consideration, the set date is thought to be the best time for this festival for the next 5 years.”
Regarding the matter of separating the Children film festival from that of the young adults, Rezadad said: “It is mentioned in the agreement among the IOC, Farabi and Isfahan Mayoralty that at the end of the 30th edition this matter will be decided upon. Since this suggestion need a thorough and professional psychological analysis. It also has a lot of aspects and variables, about which there have been some discussions. Anyway, since the Film Festival for Young Adults has taken place separately once, and in this edition is the Children Film Festival, and it is competitive, this council will consider both methods, and will announce the path and approach for the next 4 years.”

Most of the schools have summer programs.
In response to the question of whether having the Children Film Festival in June-July, at the end of educational year, is worrying or not, the director of the festival said: “We do not have this concern in Isfahan; since most of the schools have summer programs and at the end of the educational year, we can make all the arrangements with the schools, teachers and principals in order to attend the festival. This can be considered as a summer program for schools.”
Rezadad continued: “On the other hand, I do believe that the dominant atmosphere of the festival can trend toward the families and their natural participation in these sorts of activities as well. This can be considered a positive point for the festival. That is, besides the consideration and attention paid to the schools and teachers, there is a special attention to the families now in order to move it toward a family-based system, instead of a school-based system.”
The members of the high council of this festival include: Alireza Tabesh, Farabi executive manager, Mr. Arzani, the director General of Isfahan Guidance Org., and the representatives from the IOC are: Marziyeh Broumand, Habib Ilbeigi, Rasoul Sadrameli. The representatives of Isfahan city council are: Mr. Azarbayejani, Mr. Bagherbeigi, Mr. Ghasemzadeh and Mr. Nabatinejad.
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