Giovanni Pompili: Iranian Cinema Has Always Been a Milestone
Giovanni Pompili

The 30th International Film Festival for Children and Youth opened in Isfahan on June 30, 2017. The international event brings audiences a packed seven days of films for children. More than 50 films and guests from 44 countries are accepted to the festival with additional workshops taking place in Isfahan. Instructors from Sweden, Nigeria and Iran will cover various courses.

Born in 1979, Giovanni has worked since 2002 in development and production of over 20 documentaries and shorts in Italy and UK. He also directed (2011 Ilaria Alpi Award) and this expertise help him to understand and relate productive and artistic needs. At the end of 2011 he took the head of Kino produzioni and changed the core business of the company from TV service production to development and production of cinematic stories with emerging directors.

Giovanni Pompili, producer of THE SILENCE directed by Farnoosh Samadi and Ali Asgar, in an interview with the 30
th International Film Festival for Children and Youth said that he believed Iranian cinema has always been a milestone in the story of cinema; from the first wave to the last success.

How come you chose children as the focus of your work? Is the main focus of the film and your artistic work generally children?

First of all Kino produzioni's main goals are to research and develop a new cinema point of view strongly linked with reality. Kino is working to develop a new generation of emerging talents often coproducing with international production companies.

Last year Kino's lineup was focused on parenthood and relationship between parents and children. We premiered IL PIÚ GRANDE SOGNO, debut feature film directed by Michele Vannucci in Orizzonti Competition at Venice Film Festival, VALPARAISO by Carlo Sironi was awarded of Prize Video und Surtitlung at Pardi di Domani competition at Locarno and THE SILENCE by Iranian director Farnoosh Samadi and Ali Asgari was premiered in the short film competition at 69th Cannes Film Festival.

In the same year Kino set up the social film literacy project “TOR SAPIENZA FILM LAB” engaging teenagers in the outskirt of Rome. The Lab result is ALMOST HEROES by Giovanni Piperno, a short film that won the NASTRO D'ARGENTO award. From this experience a feature film is developing co-produced with Matteo Garrone’s Archimede. But the main result was giving the kids involved in the project some tools not only to deal with comprehension of cinema but tools that help them to deal with life. In one of our upcoming project we are dealing with two young twins that have to deal with a big issue and they succeed in a nice and ironic way.


How come you chose the 30th International Film Festival for Children and Youth to screen your film?  Do you believe an extra focus on children can be positive and productive in children cinema?

We are travelling around the world with our short film Il Silenzio and we are choosing the best events to show our film, as ICFF is. And of course we would like to have our film in Iranian festivals and this festival match exactly in both our needs.

Children and youths are massively exposed to tons of audio-visual products shaped in different forms.

I think a separate festival can help to have a place and a moment to discuss and reflect on the consumption and the impact of the industry on the global youth.

To what extend are you familiar with Iranian cinema?

Iranian cinema has always been a milestone in the story of cinema, from the first wave to the last success. I love how directors liked Kiarostami worked with children to reflect and explore the complexity of the world. That is what we have to deal on the movie business.

How do you evaluate children film industry in the world?

Children film industry nowadays is mainly focused on entertainment and animation. But I truly believe that “cinema for children” has to be entertaining of course but also have to explore emotions and feelings.

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