30th Festival Announces the Selection Committee Members of the Iranian Cinema Competition

The president of the 30th International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults announced the selection committee members of Iranian Cinema competition.


According to the information center of the 30th International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults, Alireza Rezadad, the president of the festival, announced Ali AbdolAlizadeh, GholamReza Ramezani, Sirous Hassanpour, Azita Hajian and Javad Hatami as the selection committee members of Iranian Cinema.


Ali AbdolAlizadeh

Born in 1960, Urmieh, Ali AbdolAlizadeh studied film directing at the Art University of Tehran. He is a director, scriptwriter and a producer. "Return to the Future”, “How I Became a Milliner”, “Hide Your Head, Pal”, “13 Cats on the Hot Roof”, “Tar-zan and Tarzan” and “Chasing” are among his numerous works. He was a member of the selection committee of the International Hamedan Film Festival for Children and Young Adults, as well as the scriptwriter consultant in Children and Young Adults’ Department of Farabi Foundation.

GholamReza Ramezani

Born in 1960, Arak, GholamReza Ramezani is a kids’ film director and scriptwriter. “Escape from Camping”, “Gonjeshkak-e Ashi Mashi”, “The Playmate”, “The Little Green”, “The Locksmith”, “The Game”, “The Life”, “The Wheel” and “Passing through the Trap” are among his works as a director. He is also the scriptwriter of “Escape from Camping”, “The Playmate”, “A Trip toward Death”, “The Little Green”, “The Locksmith”, “The Game”, “The Wheel”, “Passing through the Trap” and “The Secret of the Red Spring”.

Sirous Hassanpour

Born in 1962, Tehran, Sirous Hassanpour is a graduate of the Islamic Centre of Filmmaking. He is a film director, producer and scriptwriter. His works include “Let’s Spread Some Flowers”, “The Consent Letter”, “The First Grade”, “The Immigrant Duck” and “The Experience”. He won numerous awards in national and international festivals among them, the special jury prize of the Children and Young Adults’ Film Festival for “The First Grade”, The Golden Book Statue of the International Roshd Film Festival for “The Consent Letter”, the Silver Statue of the Cairo Film Festival, the Honor Diploma of the Roshd Film Festival, the Special Jury Prize of Tunes Film Festival for “The Immigrant Duck”, the Golden Statue and Honor Diploma of the Kids’ Writers’ Association in the International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults for “The Devoted Farmer” and the CIFEJ (Centre International de Film pour l'enfance et La Jeunesse) Prize in the Prix Danube Film and TV Programs’ Festival in Slovakia.

Azita Hajian

Born in 1958, Tehran, Azita Hajian studied theatre directing in Tehran University of Dramatic Arts. “Khorsid Kanum, Rise in the Sky” play was the beginning of her career in 1975. The Plays of “Bahram Choubineh”, “Jeanne d'Arc”, “The Displaced Generation”, “The Mute Play” and “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” are among her theatrical works. She started working in cinema as an actress by “The Toys’ Thief” (directed by MohammadReza Honarmand) in 1989. She won the Golden Simorgh of the best actress in the 17th International Fajr Film Festival for “The Red Ribbon” (directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia). Movies like “Laleh”, “Kimia and the Soil”, “The Orange Cab”, “The Shadows”, “The Toys’ Thief”, “The Winter Sleep”, “The Wall”, “Mahya”, “The Snowman”, “A Candle in the Wind”, “A Magical Trip” as well as some TV series like “Better Days”, “Kimia”, “Till Soraya”, “The Safety Glass”, “The Apartment”, “Imam Ali”, “The Constitutional Monarchy Era”, “Khazra HighSchool”, “The Green Trip” and “The Hourglass” are among her works.

Javad Hatami

Born in 1973, Amol, Javad Hatami has a PhD in Psychology and is among the academic staff of the University of Tehran. He’s been collaborating with the Kids’ Department of Channel 1 (Iran’s Broadcasting) as a consultant and writer as well as the Farabi Foundation.

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