Sun Yat-Sen Bo Ai Award Winner Announced

Iran’s 30th International Film Festival for Children and Youth is the venue to launch the USD 10,000 award. Later on we will work with 5 other international film festivals too. The Asia Pacific Screen Awards will probably be the next platform to offer the award.

Excellence as well as compassionate and positive human values are the main criteria to grant the award. We will choose among finished films and projects. Some film can be excellent cinematically but could be promoting a lot of violence or would be push by commercials, specially in the US. The purpose of this award is to balance this situation.

The USD 10,000 Sun Yat-Sen 'Bo Ai' Award was equally divided between two films of “21 Days Later” directed by MohammedReza Kheradmandan and "End of Dreams" directed by MohammedAli Talebi.

ID: 238  |  Published in: Thursday, 06 July 2017 19:35